Why you are not generating enough revenue from your website

The days of loading pages with too many ads are over.

Once upon a time in the Land of Google, yahoo, facebook, and any popular sites you can think of,  there were over trillions of online sites with ads on the planet.  The war of selling and buying online erupted on the planet Earth. Then popular sites on planet Earth collected all sort of ads from all sort of small and big businesses and individuals who were selling goods and services on Earth.

 Each online site owners copied and pasted ads codes from popular site on planet Earth and waited for a cheque - “a document that orders a payment of money from a bank account,” – in their mail box from popular sites bank accounts. During those crazy online advertisements days, from people’s opinions, “those cheques were not able not pay enough bills for even running the websites the ads were pasted on or shown!”  Then, popular sites started “race to the top” and pushed or popped the ads aggressively from individuals, small and big businesses on trillions of online sites containing pasted impression codes.

No site owners wanted to serve their own ads, nor did they wish to learn on how to control what was shown to their online users. The ads displayed by sites were almost identical and displayed related and unrelated contents on trillions of online sites with pasted ads codes. Ads were not clearly separated from other page contents the users were reading or browsing.  

The sites were in total confusion because it was not clear to the user what was site content and what was an ad content.  Ads in those days appeared in pop-up or pop-under windows, on downloadable files with big and small buttons with inducing messages and the users were tricked to click on ads.  In addition, in those days online browsing was full of text and arrows such as “Click here” and sites were loaded with excessive ads or high number of ads!

In that wonderful land of online networking, there were ads for small wireless communication and video games gargets and even Mobile phones and cookies did not work well but the advertisers or popular sites kept targeting mobile users all the time with pop ups and even annoying genuine short ads messages like “Lowest price ever! Get this item for only $99 + tax when buying 2 or more of this beautiful product. Visit a store or our website address for details.” Or scams like this - “Your uncle who died in 12BC left behind a deposit of 9.8million Pounds for you as his next of kin, write me email:  @mail.account!”

The users were not happy about online sites ads and mobile ads all over their contents and became picky on what they clicked and what they ignored or assumed! To calm their fears, popular sites introduced buttons like “skip this ad”, “About this ad”, “close this ad”, loaded pictures with a message, “your content will start in few seconds” while shaving the user’s face with more ads as the user waited for the content to load!, and many more buttons … And as it was on those days in the wonderful land on the planet so shall be our days in 20 first century.

The lesson of the story is:  thousands, millions if not trillions of online site owners are seeing their ads revenue shrink every single day. The main reason why the site owner’s revenue is dwindling is that everybody is doing the same thing, copying ads codes from popular online sites and pasting those ads codes anywhere and everywhere on their sites.  Hence, the ads are displayed here, there, and everywhere and not in place or not in harmony with the surroundings site contents.

Now let’s go back to our main story, Here is a common question that most people ask before they can decide whether to trust you with their ads or not.

  1. How do you deal with ads scale?
  2. Does your site have engaged user base?
  3. Do you have good traffic to your website?
  4. How many users do you have in your site?
  5. How many ads or impressions do you serve every day?
  6. Are you a big believer in ad quality contents or traffic ad quality?
  7. Is your site filled with high quality contents or comments with meaning?
  8. Can you match or target or filter my ads and accurately deliver them to specific customers?
  9. Do you promote safety, transparency, and fairness when serving or showing the ads on your site?
  10. 10. And so on …..

If you have been keen, you can agree with this article that our questions are getting longer and longer as we keep going down from one question to another…!

First let define the online user – online user is any person who spends their time online, on the phone or mobile or consume their contents from the World Wide Web.

As traffic grows for most websites, so too should revenue. However that is not the case for most website owners.

I have seen several websites online that use Ads from popular site on earth. The problem is, the ads are cluttered everywhere. This form of advertisement used to work several years ago. However, the more the users are bombarded with ads or advertisements contents from all sorts of media outlets, the more they have become immune by avoiding paying attention or even don’t want to click on those ads. The result is that the Advertisers who pay for those ads are looking elsewhere to promote their products and services.

So, how can you generate revenue from your site as users are becoming unhappy about ads as online advertisement war is getting tight and tighter day by day?

Advertisers or people who want to display ads on online pages -  by section of their  site or page - look for websites that can have an impact on their products or services, and will more likely pay more for ads spaces on your website if it is uncluttered and well organized.  Most website owners or Publishers always fool themselves adding ads on their pages or website thinking that they will make more money from those ads. The result is most of the time heart breaking, mental torture or emotional unhappiness or distress and most of the time accompanied with peanut revenue or no increase on ads revenue.

The old days of ‘just copy and paste this ads code on your site and forget it’ are over

People who are publishing ads on your sites are not just customers but your partners.  As a website owner or ads publisher, you need to work closer or operate in real-time with those who are interested to show their ads on your websites. By doing this, as a publisher, you will be able to increase the demand for more customers who want to show their ads on your site. This builds trust and the Advertisers know that you are on business as an ads publisher not just to make money but also to help them grow their online presence. Hence, most of the time leads to better returns or increase in revenue to the ads publisher.  When people who advertise on your websites know you are listening to them, they will trust you with more ads of their products and services.

The next generation online ads will need to address these concerns or issues that have been discussed on this article in order for the website administrators or site owners to realize the true online revenue creation through advertising.

And here is where Twizanex ads plugin can become handy for site owners or website administrators.

Twizanex ads service Team is working on these issues to see if it can help online site owners to generate revenues from their online ads.

The three main benefits of Twizanex ads plugin for your Website are:

  1. Optimization of ads for your site can be done effectively
  2. You can make money even as the scale of your ads and users increases.
  3. You can get technical and outstanding customer service.

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