Elgg and Openx online Advertising, Adwords, Adsense, and banner ads integration plugin

Elgg and Openx online Advertising, Adwords, Adsense, and banner ads integrate plugin

Twizanex team has implemented Openx Ads server and Elgg social network engine software integration feature such that the User – or known as advertiser, will not interact directly with the Openx Ads server. However, the Elgg User “Advertiser” will always manage their banners or Ads only in the Elgg Site by clicking “Advertise on Elgg site button”.

The Openx Ads Sever and Elgg social network engine’s registrations are integrated and when the new Elgg user sign up/ Sign in and become an “ Elgg Existing user”, the Advertiser account will be created immediately in the Openx Ads server. On the other hand, if an elgg user is logged in and is on Elgg site, he or she will see a New Menu button known as “Ads” and under “Ads button” if the user is still logged in Elgg site, the user can create the Ad, Adsense, advert, or banner. Then, the user can click a link to see all their ads on Elgg site. If they have no ads yet, they will be notified by a message on the screen, “No Banners available to display.” In addition, on the Elgg site, the Elgg user’s page will have all campaigns created or listing and also more option to create the new campaign, Ad, Advert, or banner.

Also, Elgg user can create the Ad on Elgg site directly with particular size or dimensions set by admin and then pay for each ad rather than creating the campaign through Openx Ads Server. If the campaign is created, then the users have the option to edit or change the Ads on later dates or time through. In addition, the user can create the Ad or campaign on Elgg site pay for the advert or campaign directly on Elgg site through PayPal payment systems integration.

Regarding the Elgg user paying for the Ads, the user can manage their ads by using different packages available on Elgg based sites. The ads can be paid on the number of day’s basis (like one month, 5 days, 7days, 24 days, 30 days) or based on number of impressions / clicks.

In that case, Elgg Admin can create the Ads packages with the cost for each Advert Package which will be listed for each banner packages – campaigns or banners respectively. Then, finally the user can select and make the payment for each campaign or banner that they upload on Elgg site...

After the user has selected their banners or campaigns according to their budget, banner or campaign payment system is done through PayPal integration; the user can use PayPal integration system to make the payment for their ads.

After the ad has been uploaded to the Ads servers and has been paid for, the banner will be listed in the Admin / Manager Section a waiting for the approval from the Admin. Next, once an Ad has been approved by the Elgg Admin, the banner will be delivered on the Elgg site through the Openx Invocation code placed on the Elgg sites. All the Ads or banners created and approved will be linked to the matched size Ads zone.

Later, once the banner is created by the user, the banner can be edit. The edit button option can be accessed by the Elgg users and even admin.

Finally, the Elgg user or Elgg advertisers can view their ads and the banner statistics for the banners in the Elgg ads page section.

It is amazing how codes can work in harmony.


In summary:

The Elgg and Openx plugin intergration or "ElggEX" idea is possible. Twizanex was able to design a Plugin for Openx and Elgg Ad intergration. With the Elggnex Plugin, the Elgg users and admin can create ads on Elgg site just as Facebook does without being redirected to Openx site or server. Everything -- I mean ads are done on Elgg site even better than Facebook. And then the user chooses the ads or the adverts dimension (Adverts --Length and width) they are interested to upload then chose the product they are willing to buy which is Clicks or Impressions.

Then the Elgg users pay for the ads which are then approved by the admin. It is fun! Once the ad is activated by the admin, the Ads start running immediately... on Elgg site :)

Last but not least, once the ad is uploaded and approved, then Elgg_logout Plugin and some other Ad Plugins that I developed picks up the active ads and "runs with them"... I mean, the Ads are then diplayed on the Elgg site. It is fun how the codes work!

Thanks for reading this article.

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