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Honda of Burleson


Honda of Burleson

I am disappointed and had a MISDIAGNOSIS of my HONDA ODYSSEY VAN at Honda of Burleson and had to pay 89 dollars for it!  I have always known that if you made a mistake, own up to it. It is always the best policy to give the customer enough information and options for them to make an informed decision. When business employees are honest to their customers, their customers will help the business with the honest mistakes.

To be specific, the Honda of Burleson service department misdiagnosed, Miscommunicated , and toke too long ­­­­--- 5 days to diagnose and replace a 4 hours recall par for my  Vehicle.

I called the Service department manager to request for a refund and did not get my refund.

According to the Marketing experts, poor customer service will always lead to these 5 things listed below.

  1. Surveys shows 79 % of unhappy customers tell others about their experiences.
  2. 48 % of shoppers say they won’t patronize stores where they know others have had negative experiences.
  3. For every complaint a company receives, 17 other complaints go unspoken
  4. Disgruntled customers often post their experiences online.
  5. 80 % of shoppers have changed their minds about a purchase after reading negative information online.

When the customers doubts or mistrust a service, in the long run, it falls on Honda of Burleson name shoulders and brand reputation.