Twizanex Ads and AdSense

I checked most online sites' advertisements contents. I looked at the sponsored adverts or ads on most sites right sidebars, left sidebars, top bars,footer bars and foot bars. Without any question, most ads displays very well!

However, I also learned that most ads on the web load before the website's contents. Which means, the ads are served before the website's contents or main information that the reader or browser is interested in! In short, It is like serving desert first then delious meal or appetizers last or later. in addition, I learned that on most websites or sites, the Google AdSense JavaScript is loaded at the HEAD or BODY section. This might sound like a good idea.

Most websites owners might make money from Google and other big ads serving companies on earth... however, if your site is popular or well advertised, your website start gets more than 1000 (1k) members and above or your site has more plugins -- the Adsense or Adwords ads will slow down your site contents load. That is, your guests will see ads first, then the rest of the contents will take forever to load and that is where now twizanex steps in to help solve this problem.  Twizanex ads plugin gives the website owner more control, freedom, and less time to keep on updating the site ads. The site contents are served first the ads or adverts last..... And this is what most users or guests need.

Second, with twizanex ads plugin, you don't need to hack any core codes. You just drop the plugin in the plugin folder and activate it from the admin section. That is it!

Third, with twizanex ads plugin, you don't need to worry about violating any company’s ads policy. Most people on the web complaine about Google and other ads serving corporations. They say Google closed my ads account because I moved some ads JavaScript’s codes or edited them :D

Fourth, twizanex ads plugin can serve both the contents and pictures or graphics. And as you know, people nowadays need both pictures or graphics and nice contents.

And the list of pros or advantages of using twizanex ads plugin goes on and on. Twizanex ads plugin gives you more options without worrying about any of big corporation’s control. You can serve your own ads without any sweat!

Twizanex can serve ads based on the content of the page you are viewing, based on the types of website pages, you visit, view, where you interact with an ad,  shows ads related to the interest, inferred demographic categories associated with the content. Twizanex ads are relevant.

Furthermore, twizanex doesn't create categories based on, race, religion or sexual orientation nor health.

Twizanex members can maintain their privacy choices. If you are a website owner, you can make revenue from your website with ads by Twizanex by displaying targeted ads on your site or you can customize ads to match your site's look and feel.

If you are the owner of the site, you can track your ads progress with twizanex online reports. There are many options including allowing your customers to only pay if their ads work or produce results.

Now let us be real and use twizanex ads plugin in a life based experience. Are you aready to eat a home made food?

If your answer is Yes... continue reading below.

Here is how the websites contents and Ads or meal should be served!

First, set your guests (browsing guests) table by: cleaning the table, lay the tablecloth, position the plates and glass directly in front of the guest seat, place the silver - fork on the left of the plate and spoons to the right of plate, remember to place blade in front of the plate, with the blade facing away from the guest, then place knives or butter knife on the bread plate.

Don’t forget to fold the napkin and put them on the left of the fork. Fill the table with elegance and charm- if budget allows, place candles at the center of the table and other decorations as needed.

If applicable, reduce the amount of light at the table. And have a low volume soft music playing softly from the background (the website’s template or framework and Header) - this will reduce confusion at the table (website pages).

Second, serve your guests with soup with small dishes or plates (website head contents) - start with less strong flavors-mild flavors and serve more bold flavors later. And you don’t want to make your guest full before the “main” meal.

Then, serve, your salad (Body contents) by using fresh ingredients while your guests are eating and watching,(reading and browsing) continue to cook or prepare the rest of the meal, this will set them at ease in your house(website page).

If you have starch food (Main website Contents), this is the right time to serve it in small plates. Starch is known to filling up most guests faster than any other food category. (Example, potatoes- have carbohydrates and sugar).

Continue cooking or warming up the rest of the food (Links to other website pages) which might take 10 to 15 minutes(for a website, it should be at a twinkling on an eye- I mean, faster or quickly -remember, most guest have Zero or no patience - waiting for long). This time will allow the food that you warmed up or cooked to rest or cool-down and the cooked ingredients or juice to be distributed in the whole meal.

Then, serve your main meal (top bar ads). By now your guest are half way full. Encourage them to serve more food as many times as possible.

Finally, about 10 minutes (for website, it should load quickly) after your guests are done with their meal, server them with a delicious dessert (good ads- footer, left and right website sidebar ads). And remember, to watch how your guests "mouth-testing buds" are filled with delight and curiosity… I mean appetite. I promise you, they will come back again.

Now let’s come back to our previous topic, most websites serve their meals or ads without any plan or little plan. The result is the guests’ ends up frustrated and are left with a beater test in their mouths! Finally, the website ends up losing guests and revenue. It is a sad story for a website owner and the guest(customer.)

Finaly, you can target potential customers by using twizanex ads at the right moment and with relevant topics

Try it today – it's easy! You can do it yourself. It just takes a few minutes to understand the twizanex ads system.

Last but not least, Twizanex does not have contracts.


Thanks for reading...


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