Deactivate Activate Elgg Account v2.0

Allow a user to deactivate or activate Elgg account similar to Facebook.

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    Allow a user to deactivate or activate Elgg account similar to Facebook.

    While you can delete your user's account easily, your users cannot delete their account permanently.  However, they can just deactivate their accounts temporarily. Deactivation does not remove your user’s data from the database. So if you want to delete your user’s account, Elgg based administrator will have to manually delete user’s account.

    If the user wants their account deleted permanently, the user has to E-mail customer support to request deletion using website’s email on Contact Us or website footer stating that they want their account deleted permanently.


    • Deactivate user account.
    • Activate again user account.
    • If account is deactivated, a user will receive an email on how to activate his or her account again.
    • Activation Email is valid only for 24 hours.

    How to Install?



    • Download AccountDeactivate.
    • Extract in mod directory.
    • Enable it.
    • That is it!

    Credit to Liang Lee

    Enjoy the power of Elgg Engine.

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